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HOTEL OCCUPANCY RATE DURING RMCO “Recovering But Still Critical”

Wisma MAH, Ampang (16 July 2020) – The occupancy rate of hotels took centre stage yesterday after various media misquoted the Minister of Tourism, Arts and Culture’s parliamentary reply, that “hotel occupancy is between 75% to 100%”, citing MOTAC’s data received from the Malaysian Association of Hotels (MAH) and others.

CLEAN & SAFE MALAYSIA “Unparalleled Level of Hygiene & Safety for Hotels”

Wisma MAH, Ampang (7 July 2020) – The Malaysian Association of Hotels (MAH) today launched the first ever industry wide hygiene and safety label in the country amidst the Covid-19 pandemic that had not only heavily impacted the tourism industry but also impaired confidence level of travellers. The hygiene and safety label known as the “Clean & Safe Malaysia”

A THOUSAND HOTEL ROOM BOOKINGS IN AN HOUR? “Not Quite, Hotels Did Not Experience Surge in Bookings as Claimed”

Wisma MAH, Ampang (8 June 2020) – The Chief Executive Officer of Langkawi Tourism Association (LTA), Zainudin Kadir yesterday claimed that the hotels in Langkawi received a thousand room bookings just between a short period of 4.00pm to 4.45pm immediately after the announcement by the Prime Minister, allowing domestic tourism from 10 June 2020 onwards under


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