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Culinaire Malaysia 2019

Driven by a passion for culinary adventure and talent, a small committee formed collectively by Malaysian Association of Hotels (MAH), the first Culinaire Malaysia was held in 1993. Culinaire Malaysia has experienced steady growth to become a prestigious culinary competition throughout ASEAN.

Today, in addition to ASEAN competitors, contenders come all the way from Europe and Middle East just to showcase their skills and gain international recognition. The gastronomy world today has evolved to greater heights from ten years ago with new trends, techniques and presentations that has elevated and transformed into a higher level of sophistication. We are proud to inform that Culinaire Malaysia has been setting the benchmark higher with each new chapter of competition.

Culinaire Malaysia is also dubbed the “Malaysian Battle of the Chefs” and is set to attract over 1,500 entries with an assemblage of more than 1,000 culinary professionals along with an audience of approximately 35,000 throughout the event days.