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Official MAH Press Release

Malaysian Association of Hotels Announced New Appointments to Board of Directors

KUALA  LUMPUR,  October  25,  2017–Malaysian  Association  of  Hotels  (MAH)  announcedthe  appointment  of  three  new  members  of  its  Board  of  Directors.

Joining  the  full  slate  of  Board  members  for  the  term  2017  –2019  are  Dato’  Megat  Shahrul  Azman  Abas,Director  of  Merdeka  Palace  Hotel  &  Suites,  Noorazuddin  Omar,  General  Manager  of  Sama-Sama  Hotel,  and  Michael  Quay,  Hotel  Manager  of  Casa  del  Rio,  Melaka.

With  the  three  new  members,  the  Board  is  now  comprised  of  22  leaders  of  high  regards  in  the  industry  and  of  diverse  background,  with  over  a  century  of  accumulatedindustry  expertise.

“We  have  a  strong  leadership  foundation  in  place  and  we  could  not  be  more  pleased  with  these  appointments.  Each  of  these  individuals’  professional  backgrounds  and  passionate  commitment  will  bring  insightful  perspectives  to  our  Board.We  believe,with  their  expertise  and  experience,  will  be  beneficial  to  the  industry,”  said  Yap  Lip  Seng,  MAH  Chief  Executive  Officer.

Founded  in  1974,  Malaysian  Association  of  Hotels  is  the  umbrella  body  for  hotels  in  Malaysia  and  initially  established  by  a  group  of  concerned  and  dedicated  hoteliers  to  bring  about  a  more  dynamic  hospitality  industry  aimed  at  building  a  workforce  of  highly  skilled,  innovative  and  disciplined  individuals.  Since  its  inception,  MAH  has  constantly  enhanced  the  hotel  and  tourism  industry  by  integrating  member  hotels  throughout  Malaysia.

To  date,  MAH  has  over  900  members  under  13  chapters  and  partnerships  with  both  the  private  sectors  and  Government  agencies.  Officially  recognised  as  thenational  hotel  association,  MAH  is  committed  to  the  exacting  standards  of  service  quality  acknowledged  by  Malaysia  and  beyond.

MAH  has  been  holding  events  to  benefit  members  of the industry.  This  year,  MAH  had  successfully organised  three  signature  events;  the  entertainment-packed 18th Charity  Jam  Session,  Green  Hotel  Seminars in  Melaka  and  Ipoh,  and  recently  concluded  Culinaire  Malaysia  2017,  the  crème  de  la  crème  of  the  region  battle  of  the  chefs.

The  association is  pleased  to  share  a  host  of  exciting  events  in  the  coming  year  such  as  the very  anticipated  MAH  Charity  Golf  Tournament,not  forgetting  its flagship  events MAH  Gala  Dinner  and  Hotel  Employee  Awards,  the  19th Charity  Jam  Session,  Green  Hotel  Seminars,  Charity  Treasure  Hunt and  some  new  and  no  less  exciting events  namely the  Bartender  &  Bar  Awards as  well  as  Hotel  Management  Grand  Prix  in  conjunction  with  the  Hotel  Employee  Awards.

The  Association  pledges  to continue  to  be  the  credible  voice  of  the  hotel  industry  working  to  promote,  protect,  represent  and  advance  in  the  interest  of  its  members

About the Malaysian Association of Hotels (MAH)

Malaysian Association of Hotels (MAH) is the umbrella body for hotels in Malaysia formed in 1974 and initially established by a group of concerned and dedicated hoteliers to bring about a more dynamic hospitality industry aimed at building a workforce of highly skilled, innovative and disciplined individuals. Its long-term goal was to enhance the efficiency of the hospitality industry, thus, bringing about a more dynamic Malaysian hospitality industry. MAH, as the official national network for the hotel industry, represents more than 900 hotels throughout Malaysia supplying a total of 155,287 rooms which is about 65% of the total number of hotel rooms available as guest accommodation in this country. With 13 chapters across the nation, MAH acts as a voice of the industry, working as one body to promote, protect, represent and advance the interests of its members.


MAHTEC Sdn Bhd commenced its fiscal year in 1998 to profile MAH as a human resource development provider and to upgrade the skills and knowledge of staff-in-service in the industry. MAHTEC is the training arm of the Association specializing in developing quality human resources in the hospitality industry. Highly specialized in the areas of Hospitality Skills Training and Managerial Development Training, all programs are facilitated by experienced and qualified Trainers through workshops and practical session.