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The Malaysian Association of Hotels Training and Education Center (MAHTEC) is owned and managed by the Malaysian Association of Hotels. As the training arm of the Association, MAHTEC is committed towards Human Resource Development and strongly believes that investment in human resource is the key factor for growth, sustainability, productivity and profitability in the Malaysian hospitality industry. In line with the organization's vision in striving towards service excellence, MAHTEC has embarked on a range of training programs and workshops designed exclusively for the industry.



Training programs are conducted regularly for the benefit of members. These programs are designed to suit the needs of the members and are reviewed on a regular basis in order to reflect the current trends and challenges facing the industry. The key areas of competences include:

  • Customer Service Workshops & CRM
  • Food & Beverage / Restaurant Management
  • Bar & Beverage Management
  • Food Safety
  • Kitchen Operations & Management
  • Safety & Security
  • Room Division & Accommodation
  • Managerial and Human Resource Development Programs



As part of MAHTEC's vision in striving towards becoming a leading provider of hospitality training and education in the ASEAN region, the company has developed a comprehensive list of in-house training programs to address the unique needs of respective hotels in this region. In-house programs are customized to meet the unique needs of the individual hotels as well as to equip practitioners in the hospitality industry with the relevant knowledge, attitude and job skills that will help them to enhance productivity in their present jobs as well as to prepare for future job challenges.



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